HiRAIL Rubber Grade Crossing

With HiRAIL full-depth rubber grade crossings, you don’t have to worry about rail crossing maintenance. HiRAIL crossings look better, protect the rail bed better and last longer than other products.

Constantly repairing other types of crossings can become a never-ending battle. But HiRAIL full-depth rubber grade crossings can greatly reduce crossing maintenance, even under severe traffic load conditions. The HiRAIL system is proven to withstand constant pounding of heavy truck traffic and continuous rail shipments around busy industrial sites. When the track in the grade crossing requires maintenance, our patented interlocking pads can be easily removed and reinstalled just as quickly. Your crews get the job done faster, and your track is back in service sooner.

HiRAIL For Wood Ties
HiRAIL For Concrete Ties

Hi-Rail's Grade Crossing System for Concrete Ties makes post-installation adjustments a thing of the past. This system employs tempered steel stabilizer rods inserted through channels in specially tailored Hi-Rail pads along with a stainless steel center saddle.

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