HiRAIL RS® Rail Seal

HiRAIL RS rail seal is made specifically for asphalt crossings. It fits snugly against the rail on both gauge and field sides, sealing out moisture and debris that can lead to asphalt deterioration and signalling problems. Our lightweight design snaps easily into place before asphalt is laid, without special equipment. Affordable HiRAIL RS flexes where asphalt can’t for substantially longer crossing life.

Keeping asphalt crossings looking good is a tough job. Especially under high traffic conditions. But HiRAIL RS can take the pressure. It’s the non-conductive, rubber rail seal that extends crossing life and reduces maintenance needs. The tight-fitting design eliminates gaps that can trap debris and cause signaling problems. So when the pressure’s on to keep your crossings looking good, put HiRAIL RS on the job.

HiRAIL RS - Installation Instructions


HiRAIL RS - Gauge


HiRAIL RS - Field

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HiRAIL RS Rail Seal

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