For the installer:

  • Easy and quick to install (tongue and groove construction)
  • Relatively light to handle compared to some other materials
  • Installation supervision available for untrained personnel

For the end user/drivers:

  • Smooth and quiet to drive over
  • Safe (Deflector Shields, Grip Pattern/Water Drainage, ADA Compliant flangeways)
  • Full depth rubber construction for long life (Average greater than 15 years)
  • Does not melt and deform
  • Does not break, crack or have broken metal edge guards as vehicular hazards

For railroads and transits:

  • Easy to remove and reinstall when properly handled for track and signal maintenance
  • No requirements to “pump up” due to settling
  • Helps protect track bed by sealing against moisture and debris
  • Long life based on high car equivalent counts and railroad gross tonnage means reduced costs versus other crossing surface materials
  • Pleasant user experience, means less trouble calls with municipalities for the railroad

For the environment

  • Product manufactured from 85% recycled materials
  • At end of life, materials can be recycled again

Long Life, Low Total Cost of Ownership, Great User Experience